Kaholo strip build help

I received my plans today and can't wait to start the build - yay!!!  This is my first build and I have a some questions that weren't answered in the plans / manuel.  The manual only talks about bulding with plywood.  As I wan't to use strips I am trying to consider my options.

1) Do I use a conventional strip build where I add one strip at a time to the actual paddle board frames (I don't think the frames on the plan would work for this) or..

2) Do I make large panels out of stips as per the plans and then treat them as plywood panels, cut out the shapes and stitch them to the frames (I am actually thinking of using a pin nailer instead of stitching)?

At this point my plan is to use 3/4 inch stock by 14 feet, cut to stips of 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide, and edge glue together in the pattern I want.  Once I have panels approx 6 inches wide I would then cut them in half, bookmatch and plane to 3mm thick.  Then I can join these six inch wide planks to make the 30 inch wide panels I need.  

Any thoughs, comments, or suggestions appreciated,



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RE: Kaholo strip build help

Wow!   My only question or comment would be....why strips?   I would build it the way the designed it.   Actually will be ordering mine tonight and building it this winter.

RE: Kaholo strip build help

Although the plywood board looks great, I thing that a strip board will look amazing. I am up in Canada so I have all winter to get it done for next summer.  I already have all the tools I need and am up for the challenge, just need a little help along the way and hope to find it here.


Lake Country, B.C.

RE: Kaholo strip build help

Sorry I can't help you with that one.   Haven't done any strip board boats.  Did one CLC boat from just plans, one from a kit and doing a third one soon....just ordered it (kalolo)

Best of luck to you on it!!

RE: Kaholo strip build help

Haven't built a kaholo but am thinking about it. Will have leftover materials from my current project. Looking at he frames, I don't think it would that difficult to use them to create temporary frames for a strongback. Alternatively, you could just strip the deck. Or maybe the deck and sheer panels. The hull is in the water anyway. This sup has a beautiful deck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG1lV-yHJ9E&feature=youtube_gdata_player Although not strpped, it does show the potential for a much nicer craft than using marine ply. Look forward to seeing the finished product

RE: Kaholo strip build help

Another S&G built with cedar strips instead of plywood..


RE: Kaholo strip build help

Thank you Larry,  as per recommendations from clc staff, I am going to do as you suggested and make flat panels and then attach them to the frames.  I have all the wood and finally started on Friday. I am going with 1/4 inch thick strips and will use 4 oz fiberglass on the inside and outside of the hull for extra stength.  They felt that the flex should not be a problem at this thickness. Thanks for the heads up regarding the difficulties with the compound bends.  I'll let you know how it works out, just hope I don't end up scrapping everything for hull and changing to plywood half way through. 


RE: Kaholo strip build help

If they start to crack at those tight twists ,you could glass the inside of the pannel first.

RE: Kaholo strip build help


Beautiful board.  How did you set the rocker without the plywood to conform to? 



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