Patching Stitching Holes Prior to Glassing

I suppose that this question is incredibly naive, but is it necessary to patch or plug the stitching holes prior to installing the fiberglass on the inside of the hull?  If so, what's the best epoxy compound to do it with?  I'm building an Annopolis Wherry.

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RE: Patching Stitching Holes Prior to Glassing


Everbody's got to ask once. Anyway, unless your holes are incredibly huge, enough epoxy will ooze into them to completely fill them during te glassing process.

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RE: Patching Stitching Holes Prior to Glassing

If you have the time, I would use a dental syringe and fill the holes with some thickened epoxy.  You can thicken it with some wood flour or cab o sil.  


I have built a few boats, and refinished many more that have been built by others.  I can always tell the boats where the people did not fill the stitch holes.  If they are too big, they will not get filled while 'glassing.  This will leave little white spots because of the space under the fiberglass.  


If none of your holes got stretched by the stitching process and all have remained nice and small, then chances are they will get filled like Laszlo says during the fiberglassing process.  

RE: Patching Stitching Holes Prior to Glassing

When I built my AW i did not fill the holes prior to epoy and really wished I had.  Laszlo 's right and the epoxy will fill most of them, but not all and you won't fine them until you paint.  And some will ooze through and form drips underneath that will require extra scraping/sanding to get rid of.  It takes more time to go around and fill them but I urge you to take the time.  It's all about the process anyway, isn't it?

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