It's Time for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

Registration forms need to be received next Monday, the 26th. Follow this link to the MASCF website. I'll see everyone there, possibly with a new boat if I can get it finished by then. And rumor has it that there may be a big yellow USB (Unidentified Sailing Banana) there - or not.



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RE: It's Time for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival


Sure wish I could go but it's just to far from Michigan. Maybe next year ? I sure would like to meet you and others on the forum.

What are you building now ?


RE: It's Time for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival


That's mostly the reasonI go, to see the gang. It'd be fun to meet you too, to put a face to the posts, but that really is an awful long drive.

The current build started out as the study plans in the "His & Her Schooners" article in Bolger's Boats With and Open Mind. Then I scaled the boat to 94% of its original size so it'd fit in the garage. Next, I redrew the plans for stitch and glues, instead of the plywood on frame Bolger specified. Next, I changed the scantlings to take advantage of modern composite construction. Finally, I redesigned the spars (all 6 of them) for carbon fiber. So while the net result is a boat with the same sail rig and lines as Bolger', it's slightly smaller, a lot lighter, should be stronger and require much less maintenance than his original design. I'm not sure if I've changed it enough that it's now my own design based on a Bolger design, or if it's just a "re-imagination" of a Bolger design. Any Intellectual Property Rights lawyers out there?

Virtually all the materials come from CLC (it's good to live 20 minutes from the shop). The big exception are the metal bits - stainless steel rudder shaft, 100 lbs of lead ballast, etc. The lead, by the way, was airmailed to me from California in USPS flat rate Priority Shipping boxes. There really is no weight limit on those suckers.

I used the 20-ft long plywood sheets that CLC sells, the stuff with the finger joints. That was really convenient. The Trailex aluminum trailer arrived on my doorstep in 3 boxes yesterday. So if I can get that assembled and get the boat structurally complete, epoxy coated and ready to rig, I'll be launching it at MASCF.

Here's a couple of old photos. The first shows some of the interior structure, the second shows the size and the finger joints.




RE: It's Time for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

WOW Laszlo,  What a great project !!!  I love to see people color out side the box.  I am truly impressed. 

!00 lbs. of lead.  no wonder the post office is going bust !!!

 Good luck and I hope you finish in time to make the event.  Make sure to post photos of your first launch.


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