WD 12 Puzzle Joints

WD 12 Puzzle joints.    I would love to build this kayak but hate the look of the joints.  If I go the route of getting the wood myself what joint would be the least noticable?  Scarf Butt etc.... thanks  Doug

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RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

If you have done a gazillion perfect scarf joints, you will get the strongest job. If you want the simplest and cleanest job, do a butt joint. It won't be as strong as a scarf, but it will be plenty strong enough. Glue the joint with thickened epoxy, then apply a three or four inch wide strip of bias-cut fiberglass on both sides. Don't use fiberglass tape, as it has bound edges that will leave a lump that will be a bear to remove. Check my Ganymede page for photos at http://twofootartist.com/ganymede-construction-notes/

RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

apologize for a quick hijack of this thread but what is the seat back band brand on your Ganymede Wes? Thanks.

RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

It's an older style from IR (Immersion Research) that I picked up on a close-out sale. I have one in my Ganymede too. IR backbands are unusual in that they can be easily adjusted while seated and underway. They are also very comfortable. -Wes

RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

Oops! That should be "I have one on my Merganser, too." -Wes

RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

I won't argue personal aesthetics, but I don't mind the puzzle joints and I get many comments of the 'wow, that's cool' variety.


RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

I second Dan's viewpoint.  Initially I thought the same as you(how am I going to hide/downplay these joints).  I have received many inquiries about the joints and most feel it is cool to see the way the kayak is built and held together.  The puzzle joints also make it easier than scarf joints to get the proper panel alignment.  I have seen some fairly crude scarf joints that look worse than the clean precise puzzle joints.  All my opinion of course and take this free advise for what it is worth!!


RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

Do you hate the looks of the puzzle joints on this Night Heron, Doug?

RE: WD 12 Puzzle Joints

I'll add my two cents, if it's even worth that much. But, people do remark about how cool the puzzle joints are.


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