Bending wood

When epoxying wood bent around a mold, what is the minimum number of pieces of wood required to keep the bend in place when removed from the mold.  Can two pieces of wood be bent around a frame and epoxied and keep the bend, or are more pieces required.

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RE: Bending wood

Tough to give you an absolutely sure answer, Mark.  That said, there will always be a bit of "spring back".  I've never experimented with variable thicknesses, I just rip the strips thin enough to bend easily around the form and the resulting "spring back" has never effected the outcome of the project.  Plan on adding a little thickness so you can trim the part to fit after it comes out of the form.

RE: Bending wood

To compensate for spring back, it is often recommended to build your bending form with a slightly tighter radius than you want the finished product. For things like cambered hatch covers, I think CLC recommends using about a 1" tighter radius.


RE: Bending wood

Thanks for all of your replies. 

RE: Bending wood

There is a simple formula (y=x/2n) you might try.  Look at the following for more info and a graphic:


RE: Bending wood


Thank you for this post - this is exactly what I wanted to know!

RE: Bending wood

I watched a video earlier on reviewing these posts. The man used half a large dia metal pipe with a plumbers torch under it for heat and he managed to introduce a bend without and water or steam. There always will be some spring back. However, it will make it easier to form coaming slats. I have not built my impending kayak yet but when I get to this point I plan to use that gentleman's method plus I cant see why I cant use my 23guage pin nailer to stop the slippery laminations from sliding sideways untill I get to the final slat. John

RE: Bending wood

I did formed hatches for my CH18 using the CLC suggestions. 2 pieces of 4 mm ply laminated over a mold with 1 " less radius than the deck radii. There was a little more springback than expected so they aren't a perfect match but pretty close and they look good. If I were to do it again, I'd maybe go for a 1.5 inch smaller radius. 

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