17lt bow

I am getting ready to start building a 17LT. I prefer the "Tug Boat" Front of the wood ducks. What would I be giving up by having a nearly verticle bow?

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RE: 17lt bow


Development of a hull form is a complex issue, especially if you have never done it before.  Modifying an existing design can lead to ramifications you never anticipated.  For example, if you were to modify the 17 LT by maintaining the forefoot location and moving the stem/deck intersection aft to yield a vertical stem, you would reduce the flare of the bow well aft towards midships as well as reducing the volume of the entire forebody of the kayak as you refair the hull to match this stem location.  This could yield a kayak that now trims down by the bow due to the shift in the longitudinal center of bouyancy and even turn it into a submarine when operating in a seaway.  If you don't like the looks of the 17 LT then find another boat that was designed from the keel up to suit a vertical stem.


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RE: 17lt bow

I was looking at it from a purely visual point of view. Those safety balls are pretty ugly, and with a vertical bow one wouldn't be needed. So, not wanting a submarine, and needing somewhere to store things, everyone better steer clear. Has anyone done battle between a WD12 and a 17LT?

RE: 17lt bow

I think you are overly concerned about this unless you plan to go around ramming boats.  Many rowing clubs require the shells to have bow balls in order to race, but they are traveling faster than you will unde at least most cercumstances and the boats around them are like egg shells.  I just took a thumb thru the CLC catalog and did not find a single kayak qith a bow ball.  A good end pour will make the bow as strong as it will ever need to be so damage to your boat should not be an issue.  Don't worry about this one and enjoy building your boat.


RE: 17lt bow

Thanks for the info.

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