8:1 Scarf for Wood Duck

In the Wood Duck plans it calls for a 8:1 scarf. The book section says it should be 1 1/2" scarf and the plans have 2 1/4" scarf. For 4mm, 8:1 scarf would be 32mm or 1 1/4". I can see 1 1/2" but where did they come up with 2 1/4".  These numbers don't work out and it seems to be a large scarf for 4mm.

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RE: 8:1 Scarf for Wood Duck

2 1/4 looks suspiciously like 1 1/4 with the leading 1 fat-fingered into a 2.



RE: 8:1 Scarf for Wood Duck

Laszlo is right.   It should read  (1 1/4)

RE: 8:1 Scarf for Wood Duck

The thing is that on the plans it's drawn into the diagrams in large font so I can't see it being a mistake. And it's in several places.

I would think it would be quite difficult to cut a 14 or 15:1 scarf in 4mm ply. You would get a very thin piece that would be prone to breaking.

It's the first thing I noticed going through the plans and I'm stumped already. It kind of paralyzes you until you can figure out where it came from. I hope there isn't anymore hiccups like this or it's going to be a long winter.


RE: 8:1 Scarf for Wood Duck

Click on the "Customer Service" link that's on the top right corner of this page (or the copy I inserted here) to find out how to get directly in touch with the CLC staff. One of them can surely tell you what's going on. And don't worry, lots of people have built Wood Ducks from plans, so it'll get straightened out.



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