Pre-Kote compatibility

I have just sanded the epoxy on my Jimmy Skiff and touched up the spots where the sanding appeared to have penetrated to the fiberglass.  Next step is painting.  I have decided to go with a finish of matte latex porch paint.  Can I prime with Pre-Kote?  I notice that Pre-Kote is petroleum-based; this does not sound like something that will mix well with water-based latex paint.  On the other hand, I can see the petroleum base being extremely volatile (keep the shipyard well ventilated!), evaporating quickly, and the resulting gunk bonding to both the scored epoxy and the over-paint and making the paint stick more tenaciously.  Which is it?  Either of the above, or something different fromboth?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Pre-Kote compatibility

I thought someone who is a paint expert would answer your question, but it shouldn't go unanswered. My understanding and experience is that you can always use an oil-based primer under latex paint, but not the other way around. -Wes

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