Bilge panels to bottom?

i've got all my panels gluded up and i'm ready to start wiring the panels together but can't figure out where to start. The book says to start at the "spot where the curve of the bow meets the straight line of the chine" but it also says that the plans show it in more detail. My problem is that there is an inch difference between the two. So what do i do...stat where the book says or where plans show or split the difference? Am i just overthinking things?

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RE: Bilge panels to bottom?

Sorry i forgot to say it's a Millcreek 13.




RE: Bilge panels to bottom?

Chris sorry  did not see your ? sooner

Having built quite a number of MC 13s I would sugest you refer to the plans as your starting point for stiches it seems to be easier this way in our experience 

RE: Bilge panels to bottom?

I had a similar length difference on my MC 16.5.  I started at the bow per the instructions (where the stem curve meets the chine) and worked my way aft.  Did the dame for the side panels.  Once everything was stitched, it was easy to see how to plane the aft ends of the bilge and side panels into a nice curve that matched up to the bottom.  Good Luck and have fun.


RE: Bilge panels to bottom?

Hmmm - that's one appreciative dame. What's it take to get her to do the sanding?


RE: Bilge panels to bottom?

thanks for your replies. i went with where the instructions said and just made things fit at the butt end(thats a non-nautical term for "the stern"). My sons and i are having a ball building this,i can't wait until i can get out and fish with it!

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