gash in the hull repair question

I have a gash in the hull about half the size of my little fingernail that goes through the glass and into the wood but not all the way through. Do I need to cut a hole and do a plywood fix with some epoxy and flour, then glass and finish or do you think I would be OK with glass? It's pretty shallow and I think a couple layers of glass would bring it flush with the rest of the hull.

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RE: gash in the hull repair question

If you try to glass over the dimple, you may have trouble getting the glass to lay in the bottom of the hole which will lead to air under the glass and no strength.  Best to use a dab of epoxy and filler to achieve a flat surface for glassing.

Remember to sand down to epoxy all around the repair and feather out the new glass.

Good luck and sorry about the ding.


RE: gash in the hull repair question

Thanks for the help - worked out great! Best thing about an old boat that has seen a lot of use is it's similar to an older car that has had a few door dings - the 12th ding doesn't bother you like the first one did!

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