Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

Hey folks,

I'm a plans/kit builder and am just finishing building my boat-shop.  By January 2018, I'll be ready to start building commissions (anything 17' or less).  Please feel free to contact me with regards to building a boat or teardrop if you don't have the time, space, tools, etc.  Prices are reasonable as I'm only looking to subsidize my own builds for my YouTube channel.  I'm located in the PNW, but am willing to deliver within reason.

Check out the video of one of my builds:


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RE: Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

   Great video! Thanks for sharing !!


RE: Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

Thanks, K!

I don't know how to enable "direct contact" but feel free to email me at:



RE: Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

   Good morning, I have wanted to buy and assemble the Standard Passage maker pram for years now but I dont have the facility to undertake the project. Where in the PNW are you ? I live in Vancouver BC. Lets talk about a commision to build, hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers and Seasons Greetings to you.  


RE: Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

Hello Sincronite,

Thanks for the inquiry!  That's a great boat selection.  I'm actually building a take-apart Passagemaker for myself.  It's more fun to build two boats at the same time.  

I'm just down the road from you on the White Rock/Surrey border.  I have a few questions about what you're looking for. 

  • First, do you want to order a kit and have me assemble it, or do you want me to cut out the parts?  I'm good either way.  
  • Are you planning on just the rowing configuration or are you planning on upgrading to the sailing option?
  • If sailing, do you want to go with the gunter-sloop rig (which is a little more complicated, but also a little higher performance), or do you want to go with the lug rig for convenience?  I'm going with the gunter sloop rig because my Eastport Pram already has a lug rig, which is fun and easy to take me son out with on local lakes.  

Feel free to contact me at:




Once I have a better idea of what you want, we can discuss pricing.  Although I couldn't obviously have it done by Christmas, I could make up a nice little voucher for one Passagemaker dinghy to put under the tree.  You'd also have it before it gets warmer for the splash party.

Best regards,


RE: Have Me Build Your Boat/Teardrop ~~(\_~~

Bump.  My shop is finished.  I'm building a teardrop for a friend, but would love to build a boat alongside my Passagemaker.  Anyone?

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