Latanzo Rowing Sculling Sliding Seat Aparatus complete Oars

I have a complete Latanzo Sliding Seat aparatus/setup for sale. I aquired this with the purchase of other items. It is complete and ready to be used in your boat. The seat is in good shape as are the other components. It has been lighty used but is in very good to good shape overall (I'm very picky). The seat has no cracks or other damage to my knowledge. You would have to supply your own Oars, whether wooden or Carbon Fiber. I am located in Western Michigan but frequently travel to surrounding states for work. I will be in Detroit the week prior, Indianapolis, Indiana the week of June 29th, 2017 if that helps to meet up. I am asking $300 for this roughly $900 setup when new. I had trouble adding pictures to the post but can text them or email them to you. Call (616)745-4502 for any questions, dimensions etc. I want to sell this for a reasonable price to someone who can use it! Come in with a reasonable price and you will own it.




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