Shearwater Double

Note to potential buyers:

This is a lightly used Shearwater Double for sale.  She has been housed at our Cottage at the St Lawrence River or at home in Massachusetts.  She has been used only between June and September and otherwise kept out of the weather.  She always turns heads when on the water.  We built her with a rudder and she handles beautifully.  She has been raced and is delightfully fast.  She is stable and easy to paddle.

We are no longer able to paddle together and hope to find her a new home. We can e-mail pictures.

Priced to sell at $1200. 

Contact Martien at 413-458-3553 at



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RE: Shearwater Double

   Here is a link to the Craiglist listing with Pictures.  Thanks for looking



RE: Shearwater Double

   Oops.  Now here is the link.

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