Skerri + trailer for sale

We are selling our CLC Skerri, $2200 with trailer.
We didn’t build it we bought it off this forum. Comes with everything including new oars. It's in sailing condition but the previous owner’s daughter re-varnished the rails a got some of the varnish in the side. I’ve haven’t had the time to fix that. The spars a made of multiple pieces and they work but may not be esthetically pleasing. The sail is in good shape as is the running rigging. I added a ratchet block to the sheet. It could use a paint freshening. I bought a length of stainless steel to add to the skeg and that is included.
The boat is located in Southern MD.

Have a hell of a time adding and imgage. Here's a link to the flicklr page.

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RE: Skerri + trailer for sale

Still available?  Where in SOMD?   

RE: Skerri + trailer for sale

Is this boat and trailer still for sale?  If so, pleas reply to me, thanks!


RE: Skerri + trailer for sale

   Hello-  Is the boat still for sale?  Will be down in MD this weekend and would take a look if so.

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