Shearwater or Night Heron

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Dec 17, 2007

Well I have been busy wondering what kayak to build next. The 2 designs I'm interested in are the S&G Shearwater 17 and the Night Heron. Basically I'm a 220 lb paddler and very little gear. I will just be doing day paddling and not long trips. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it will be used mostly on inland lakes. I would like to do a trip or two on the Great lakes of Superior and Michigan.

So what is your opinions? Now worried on difficulty of the building either. I just want an all around nice handling kayak. I like the Night Heron for its looks. I like so low flatter rear deck. (To me I absolutely love the look of the Pax. But no need for a racing kayak that is hard to turn.)

If you have pictures of links to your shearwater and night heron builds please post your links.




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