help choosing boat

Posted by Tom Callis on Aug 23, 2007


I have previously built a Merganaser 17 from plans about 3 years ago and would like to build a new kit boat.

I am 6'0" at 160-165 lbs depending on season with size 10-11 feet depend on the shoe (dress vs athletic).

I'm interested in the Shearwater 17, Shearwater 16, and Chesapeake 17 LT.

I really like the Shearwater designs and was wondering how they compare to the Chesapeake 17 LT. Again, I had a Merganser and really enjoyed it. Never paddled a Chesapeake though.

Also, I'm think I'm borderline for fitting the Shearwater 16. Based on my size described, do you think it'll fit?

Thanks! Tom



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