Yak racks

Posted by Tim on Oct 3, 2006


I just picked up a set of Malone Autoloaders from CLC. So far so good. They hug the boat nice and secure. That is unless you dont' consider the wobble effect. I have mine mounted on a 2000 Ford Windstar van. The roof racks are about 4' apart, got her centered up nice, with bow and stern ropes. Goes down the road ok, but over all, seems to be a fair amount of wobble. Concerned with stability at cruising speeds sown the interstate, cross winds, etc.....Any comments? Also, loading isn't too bad, although because of the height, is almost a two person job. Any thoughts on loading? I thould about making a simple roller deally that I could mount to the rear rack, then load from the rear. Hmmmmmmmmmm...



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