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Posted by BobE on May 10, 2006

Actually that picture represents my brother Daves fine work (for John H. the other brother Darryl). It is a Ch 14 kit with typical homebuilder mods. The bulkheads have the fillets added prior to the deck going on so I wouldnt call em caps. We just find it easier to add deck fillets in this manor rather than reaching in after the deck is on. Lots of pic.s available, (with a little prose), at his website, with more to come when he gets his computer back online.

Weve played with everything from full deck beams to no beam and various combinations of glass and plywood stiffeners. It depends a lot on your intended use of the yak. Im sure youll decide on a happy medium.

Way back almost before I can remember in the late 70/early 80s, I use to fly SSA sanctioned competitions in the fully glassed Standard class. Birds like the LS-1, LS-4, ASW15, Cirrus, etc. It was a ton of fun surfing the air with flight polars approaching 50:1. Landing in places like a Jimmy Carter peanut field and being help out by one of his secret service agents.

bare foot dave

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