Hull glasing pointers & ?

Posted by Mulepilot on Sep 24, 2005

After a tiny bit of additional sanding, I'll be ready to glass the exterior of the hull. Besides letting the cloth sit in place for a day or so to better take the shape of the hull, are there any other things I should do or be aware of? Up to this point I've been surprised by how well everything has turned out. I don't want to blow it now. I've got a bunch of spreaders that I plan on using. How tricky is this step? Am I to attempt to use the minimal amount of epoxy, just enough to turn the cloth clear and impregnate the entire cloth, and add more in a second application to make it smooth? Approximately how long does this procedure normally take, about an hour? Any common problems to be on the lookout for? Finally, a stupid sanding question...since the hull is covered with the cloth and epoxy, why is it important to get such a super smooth finish to the wood? Even though I plan on painting the hull, I still sanded down to 200 grit paper. It does look really nice, sort of hate to cover it up with the cloth and epoxy.

Thanks in advance,