My Houston Escape

Posted by Gober on Sep 23, 2005

My Houston Escape

I got a call 8:00 pm Wednesday night, from my wife’s uncle in Friendswood (south of Houston), he needed help getting his belongings out. My brother in-law and I hopped in my car with a gas can. We fueled up and hit the road. We made it to Friendswood at 1:00 am. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I mapped it on my GPS, over 40 miles of parked cars all north bound. The south bound lanes on I45 were wide open. We pack up all important belongings and left Friendswood at 3:30 am. We lucked out and got to gas up before we left Friendswood. It took us 9 hours to go 20 miles. The RV broke down after 30 miles and luckily we were able to park it behind a store. At 10 pm, 19 hours later, we got to The Woodlands and crashed with some friends. After 3 hours sleep, and some hot food we hit the road again at 3:00 am. I got on I45 contra lanes, we got only about 20 miles before grid lock set in. I noticed the service road was 2 ways and empty so I jumped the median and hit it. I was going 75 mph for about 20 miles. When the service road ran out I took Farm to Market roads. I went up through Bryan then to Waco and hit I35. After I got off I45 home ended up only 4 hours away. In total it took 30 hours driving to get home, this usually would only be about a 5 hour drive. It was an unbelievable experience.



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