Build Your Own Wood Duck 12 Sea Kayak

Location: Long Island School of Wooden Boat Building - Lindenhurst, NY
Dates: Sunday, March 26, 2017 - Saturday, April 1, 2017


Instructor:  Eric Schade

The Long Island School of Wooden Boat Building is accepting registrations for this class held in Lindenhurst, NY. 

All inquiries not about boat technical details to the Long Island School of Wooden Boat Building: 631-991-7222

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Wood Duck - Build Your Own Boat in One Week
Wood Duck Recreational Kayak
Wood Duck Kayaks - Build Your Own Boat
Wood Duck 12 Recreational Kayak - Build Your Own Boat
Wood Duck 12 Sea Kayak
Wood Duck 12 by James K.
In this 6-day class you will build your own Wood Duck 12 with a sapele deck. This class has limited enrollment. This is our first class in partnership with the Long Island School of Wooden Boat Building, and enrollment will be limited to just four boatbuilders or teams.
Starting with pre-cut plywood parts, you will assemble the hull and deck of the kayak using copper wires and epoxy glue. You will then cut hatches, fiberglass the boat and install the cockpit coaming. During construction, you'll also cover outfitting the boat with seats, footbraces, hatch fittings, and deck rigging. After the class, your boat will be ready to sand and paint or varnish.
Boatbuilding Instructor Geoff Kerr
Eric Schade

Compact, easy-to-launch boats just seem to get used the most. In a tenth of the time it takes to launch a heavy boat on a trailer or drag the big canoe down the lawn, you can slide one of these little kayaks into the water and be on your way. Keep your Wood Duck on top of the car, ready to toss into all the interesting creeks in your county. CLC commissioned Eric to draw and prototype the Wood Duck line to our specifications. Eric had a huge hit with his Shearwater kayak designs, also designed for CLC as fast sea kayaks. And he has another huge hit on his hands with the Wood Duck, a fun, good-looking recreational kayak that anyone from age 8 to age 80 can enjoy on the water. 

The deck is cut from "Sapele" mahogany plywood for extra good looks and natural contrast with the Okoume hull and sheer panel. The recreational Wood Duck line offers comfort, stability, and excellent performance in a visually pleasing form.

We regret that it is not possible to build the "Hybrid" versions of the Wood Duck in this class.  There's simply not enough time in a week to strip-plank a deck.

Chesapeake Light Craft has been manufacturing stitch-and-glue kayak kits since 1993. CLC’s many designs emphasize easy construction combined with good looks and uncompromised performance. By using the stitch-and-glue method, each student will build a kayak without the complication of frames, molds, or a strongback.

Note:  Boat kits for classes are specially prepared at CLC and delivered directly to the classroom.  These kits include essential supplies and may have certain parts pre-assembled.  Because of the particular nature of these kits, discounts and other promotions do not apply.